Our Digital Collection

  • We deliver access to our eBooks and audiobooks through the Sora reading app which allows students to borrow material on any device, then instantly start reading or listening. We plan to continually add new digital reading material this year, so check our digital collection often to see what's new!

  • Library Catalog - Digital (Sora)

    Click the link above to browse our entire digital collection. You may need to log-in the first time you access the catalog on each device.

  • Log-In Instructions for Digital Catalog

    1. Visit the website Soraapp.com or download the Sora app.

            For school issued iPads: The shortcut to Sora is on the home screen.
            (The icon looks like a little blue flying guy with red shoes.)

    2. Click on "My school is MOREnet"

    MOREnet is the name of our digital consortium. If you do not see MOREnet, type it into the search bar.

    3. Use the dropdown menu to choose "Clayton School District"

    4. Click on "Sign in using Clayton School"

    5. Type in your claytonschools.net email address and password to authenticate.

    (Your password is the letter "s" plus your student number.)

    Once you are logged in, use the EXPLORE tab to borrow an eBook or audiobook. 

    Close the book and go to your SHELF to see all of the items you have checked out.


    Contact Mrs. Small with any questions about digital access at: triciasmall@claytonschools.net

  • Want more eBook and audiobook options with Sora?

    Add your virtual "student library card" from St. Louis County Library!

     1. After logging into Sora, click the menu option in the upper right corner.

           (The "menu" icon looks like three small horizontal lines.)

    2. Select "Add a public library."

    3. Type in "St. Louis County Library" and select that option.

    4. Click "Explore" at the bottom of the screen.

    5. Place your cursor in the search bar at the top of the screen.
        Check the box that says "Search all of my libraries."

    6. Search for a book and tap "Borrow."

        (This first time, make sure to select a St. Louis County Library book) 
    7. You will be prompted to sign in:

             Your student virtual library card number is 102yourstudentnumber.

            Your password is 1234

    You will only need to add your virtual public library card one time.

    The books you check out from the St. Louis County Library will show up right on your Shelf in Sora!



Last Modified on February 21, 2022