• Green Team Tips for Teachers & Staff:
    The following tips were shared with Glenridge staff:
    -Did you know there is a staff compost bin located under the sink in the teacher's lounge?  Please feel free to add your organic (plant) waste to the compost bin!  This waste will enrich the soil rather than the landfill!  Curious about what can and can not be composted?  Check out the poster (shown below) in the teacher's lounge to learn more!
    Teacher's Lounge Poster
    -Think "green" when printing!  Ask yourself, "Do I really need a hard copy of this?"
    -Save energy (and money) by turning out the lights! Flip the switch when exiting the staff bathroom, unoccupied copy room, and staff office/classroom. After all, does it really make sense to leave the lights on when no one is around?
    -Calling all coffee lovers!  Did you know we have reusable coffee mugs in the teacher's lounge cabinet?  Reduce your waste by switching out those (recyclable) paper cups for a reusable mug!  An additional benefit- the reusable mugs hold more coffee too!