• Welcome to Glenridge Elementary! Our community welcomes cultural and linguistic diversity. It's our pleasure to teach your child. We know your child has much to learn about our school and much to teach us about him/herself and your home country. We look forward to learning together.

    In the Clayton School District, all new students are quickly integrated into the regular academic and social programs.  The ELL (English Language Learners) Program provides both individualized instruction and small group settings.  The ELL teachers also attend the regular classroom to instruct and support students in class work.  ELL teachers collaborate with classroom and specialist teachers to create a firm foundation in both English Language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening, culture) and content area understanding.  It is critical that students learn both the new language and continue to learn mathematics, science, history, literacy, health, the arts, and are in physical fitness and health.

    Family and parent programs focus on facilitating adjustment to and participation in a new city and culture. The monthly International Coffees provide time to meet other parents.  The International Family Program events are also a great opportunity to meet more parents and children and to learn about American culture. 

    Description and English Language Program Goals
     The Clayton English Language Program (ELP) is designed for non-native English speaking students who demonstrate the need for English language instruction. The program provides language instruction and educational experiences that:                                                                                         •teach the skills required for English language learners (ELLs) to achieve an advanced level of academic English language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing

    • help EL Learners meet the academic achievement standards expected of all students
    • support the successful acculturation of students and families
    • promote parent engagement in the child’s learning and in the schools


    To determine a student’s eligibility for services, the Clayton School District ELP considers the Home Language Survey, student/parent interviews, parent/ teacher/ counselor recommendations, previous school records and transcripts, and the WAP-T, a standardized English proficiency test.

    The English Language Curriculum and Instructional Program is based on best practices in teaching and learning, individual student needs, the Missouri English Language Learning Standards and “Show Me” Standards, and Clayton School District curricula. In grades K-12, English language learners (ELLs):
    • are enrolled in classes with their same-age, native English speaking peers and are provided with appropriate language support.
    • work with the English language teacher individually and in small groups in the ELL classroom, in the regular classroom, and in social /extra-curricular settings.
    • receive progress evaluations and reports of English language development and academic progress through grades, narrative report cards and/or parents conferences as well as student scores on the ACCESS for ELLs, a standardized English language proficiency test, and other standardized tests.

    Special Education

    When ELL students demonstrate greater difficulty than expected in school, a team of professionals collects and evaluates information about the student as a learner in order to plan and deliver a continuum of services necessary to promote learning growth and academic success.

    Parent Involvement

    The ELP provides parent and families social and educational programs as part of the International Family Program, including holiday celebrations, parent education and support programs, and volunteer opportunities.

    Exit Standards

    Students are exited from the ELL program when they are performing at grade-level and have achieved proficient standards in speaking, listening, reading, and writing as determined by:
    • Standardized Tests • Writing Samples • Achievement of District EL Standards
    • Final Exams • Oral Presentations • Parent Recommendations
    • Grades • Portfolio Work • Teacher Recommendations

Last Modified on June 3, 2021