Science News for Students

    Check out these links to wonderful science-related video channels on YouTube and beyond.
    The Why Files: The Science Behind the News...does it get any cooler than this?
    Ask Smithsonian: Got a question?  Call the Smithsonian!
    Nova: You can't go wrong with this PBS staple. 
    Planet FOSS is your chance to connect to the world of science.  Take science photos, share your photos, view photos from other kids.
    American Chemical Society: What kid doesn't like to make potions???  Find adventures in chemistry on this interactive site!  Hint: Find their "Secret Science of Stuff" page...it's really cool!
    Save On Energy is an experience to get our youth involved with global awareness and going green.

    Science News for Kids is a wonderful website filled with the latest information surrounding our current times in the world.

    Check out a daily demo from THE "Science Guy," Bill Nye.
    Join the Steve Spangler Science Club on this site and find loads of fun activities to try and even purchase!


    Blick's Picks...awesome science videos from around (and outside of) the world!

    The Science of Everyday Life...You can't help but be surrounded by it!

    The Science of Sports...brought to you by NBC.  Pretty cool stuff for all you sports lovers!

    Simple Science - fun videos of over 90 science-related topics!
    The Design Squad website helps promote STEM education with ideas for making and building things.
    Thomas Edison comes to life with this companion website to the hit show, Thomas Edison's Secret Lab.

    Live eagle web cam!  Watch bald eagles hatch before your eyes!

Last Modified on October 13, 2017