Book Study: Waking Up White


For twenty-five years, Debby Irving sensed inexplicable racial tensions in her personal and professional relationships. As a colleague and neighbor, she worried about offending people she dearly wanted to befriend. As an arts administrator, she didn’t understand why her diversity efforts lacked traction. As a teacher, she found her best efforts to reach out to students and families of color left her wondering what she was missing.  

Then, in 2009, one “aha!” moment launched an adventure of discovery and insight that drastically shifted her worldview and upended her life plan.  Her book, Waking Up White, was published in 2014. Glenridge parent, Chris Win, and principal Beth Scott will be hosting a Waking Up White Book Study-- meeting from 7:00-8:00pm at Glenridge on Thursdays, November 16November 30 and December 14