• Come and visit us!

    There are many opportunities to be part of the Meramec Spanish program.
    1. Observe a class
    Send me an email at heathermoomey@claytonschools.net if you are interested in observing a 30 minute Spanish class. You may observe your own child's class or any other grade level that interests you.  Please remember to sign in at the office on the day of your visit.

    2. Volunteer in the classroom
    Throughout the year, we have many opportunities for parents to come in and volunteer their time. This may include helping with cooking and food tasting:
         * 1st Grade:  Tropical fruits tasting as part of our fruits unit.
         * 2nd Grade: Handmade corn tortillas as part of our unit on Mexico.
         * 3rd Grade: Empanadas as part of our unit on Argentina.

         * 4th Grade: Tapas-tasting as part of our unit on Spain.

         * 5th Grade: Mexican sugar skulls to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

    3. Parent presentations
    Talk to students about a place you have traveled.  This can be a powerful way for students to connect with the far-away places that they study at school. Culture units by grade level:
         * 1st Grade: A survey of all Spanish-speaking countries
         * 2nd Grade: Mexico
         * 3rd Grade: South America, with a focus on Argentina 

         * 4th Grade: Spain as well as its surrounding islands

         * 5th Grade: Central America and the Caribbean

    PLEASE contact me if you're interested in volunteering in the Spanish room!

Last Modified on March 7, 2017