• The Meramec 5 is the Meramec way.  When people are being cooperative, kind, responsible, respectful, and safe, they are being the best they can be.  We practice the Meramec 5 everyday.  We recite the Meramec Pledge each morning to reinforce the Meramec 5.
    Meramec 5

    System for Reinforcing Classroom BehaviorExpectations

    A child’s behaviors may be telling of any number of things . . . perhaps he had a fight with a sibling that morning as he readied for school, perhaps she didn’t have time to finish breakfast, perhaps he didn’t get a good night’s sleep, perhaps she hasn’t previously had support and encouragement to work amicably with peers.  There are so many factors that contribute to a child’s response to his/her world.

    We consider those times when a child veers from the classroom expectations as teachable moments.  Our goal is to build layers of support for each child.  Through our modeling, restating, encouraging, and nurturing, we believe a child will grow and learn to self-monitor his behaviors and to be a positive and happy contributor to his own learning and that of others.  We will work to help your child develop strategies for handling disappointment, frustration, and other feelings s/he may encounter in the school day. 

    We further believe that children benefit from meaningful relationships with caring adults.  We will collaborate with colleagues and communicate with parents as we build this important web of support for each child. 

    We look forward to this team approach as we work together with you to ensure your child’s success in kindergarten!


Last Modified on August 17, 2014