• Reading with Your Child
    Supporting Your Child's Learning at Home

    "The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children," Jim Trelease begins in his seminal work The Read-Aloud Handbook. 

    Research continues to point to the benefits of the time-honored practice of reading aloud to your children.

    Tips for Enjoying Books Together
    • Find a comfortable, quiet place for your read-aloud.
    • Encourage your child to "connect" with the book.  Relate the theme of the book to a special family experience when possible, such as, "This looks like what happened at your grandma's birthday party . . . remember?"
    • Talk about the characters in the story.
    • Ask your child his/her favorite part of the story and why.
    • If your time is short, consider taking a  "walk" through a familiar book with your child.  Ask your child to show you his/her favorite picture and retell the story to you using the pictures as prompts.
    • Just have fun spending this one-on-one time with your kindergartner!
Last Modified on June 29, 2020