• Homework Policy

    Homework Policy

    My general homework policy has four points:

    1. Homework is not usually given a grade. I believe grades should show student knowledge and skills, not what a student does at home. I don't read through and grade every single assignment. I do expect and check for completion of assignments. We will go over some or all of it depending on the assignment each day. At this time I offer opportunities for students to ask questions and reflect about their homework.

    2. Homework is never a punishment, a meaningless task, and should take 40-50 minutes per night. I don’t believe in “busy work” and I don’t think homework is always necessary. Kids need to have time at home for personal interests, friends, and most importantly, time with their family. Research has shown that excessive homework and studying for elementary aged children does not produce the type of results that it does for high school or college students. If they are working hard at school, then they are already learning and studying for a long time each day.

    3. Homework assignments give students extra practice with something learned in school or prepare them for an activity in class. Sometimes it may be a task that was not finished during class time. If homework is not completed, no grade will be docked but students will spend valuable class time or fun time to catch up.

    4. Homework is for the student to do on their own. Of course, parents should give help and guidance when appropriate.

    READING HOMEWORK (30 minutes)

    Students are expected to read at least 30 minutes per night. They can read novels, picture books, newspapers, online articles, comics, magazines, anything! The ideal schedule for this is 30 minutes a day, everyday! This will also ensure every student reaches our 40 book challenge!

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