• Below are some books that might have some good information about healthy living.

    Big Body Play; Why Boisterous, Vigorous, and Very Physical Play is Essential to Children's Development and Learning by Frances M. Carlson

    Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart & Happy Child from Zero to Five
    by John Medina

    The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood: Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track
    by William Sears

    Mind in the Making:  The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs
    by Ellen Galinsky
    The skills in this book are also those that adult readers of this book found to be essential for themselves:
    Focus and Control - especially in world full of distractions
    Perspective Taking - figuring out what others think and feel
    Communicating - the skill of determining what one wants to communicate and realizing how our communications will be understood by others
    Making Connections - figuring out what's the same and what's different and ability to make create something new from that
    Critical Thinking - the ongoing search for valid and reliable knowledge to guide beliefs, decisions and actions
    Taking on Challenges - Willingness to take on a challenge in a life of stress.
    Self-Directed, Engaged Learning - Realizing our potential through curiosity and a quest for learning

    A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting
    by Hara Estroff Marano

    Nurture Shock
    by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Last Modified on October 26, 2011