• Mathematics

    Mathematics focuses on the child’s increasing ability to coordinate thinking processes and mental frameworks around mathematical concepts and problem solving. Through active participation in a variety of experiences, children begin to develop an awareness of numbers and operations, geometry and spatial sense, patterns and relationships, and measurement.

    You see the mathematics curriculum in action as children...

    -explore concepts of shape, symmetry, balance, cause and effect, and problem-solving while building with a variety of materials

    -sort and organize objects in terms of similarities, differences and other relationships, such as sorting materials during clean up time, and working with manipulatives and loose parts 

    -practice counting in natural settings, such as counting the number of children in the group, blocks added to a structure, or shovels needed in the sandbox

    -explore concepts of measurement by scooping, pouring, and filling materials 

    -participate in group discussions about what is happening today, what happened yesterday, and what will happen in the future 

    -begin to write some numbers or represent numbers with drawings or objects

Last Modified on March 14, 2022