Welcome to Captain's PTO!

  • At Captain School, our children, parents and teachers have worked hard to create a community of learners. We believe the participation of everyone in our school community is a key ingredient to successfully educate our children. Everyone in our community is a part of PTO and we especially welcome new parents and families. We are continually working toward a community where every voice is heard and everyone is able to participate. We are proud of the partnership we are building between parents and teachers. The PTO offers workshops and ways for parents to volunteer within the curriculum. The PTO participation not only helps parents learn about our curriculum; it broadens a parent’s understanding of the entire school. Meetings are open to all.

    Our PTO is organized with grade level representatives and officers. Each classroom has a grade level representative. The representative works with the teachers and parents in planning the three classroom parties, in working on a larger PTO project and in acting as a connection to our families.

    A very important part of PTO is fostering community. We sponsor several events throughout the year that help us to connect with each other and deepen our community spirit. These events include the Science Fair, Book Fair, Black History Night, End-of-the-Year Picnic, and Art Show.

    PTO meetings are scheduled every second Thursday of the month and we encourage our parents to come and participate in our decision-making process and to learn about what is going on in our school community. Notices about meetings, community events and volunteer opportunities are published regularly in the Captain’s LOG and are available here on the web.

Last Modified on February 21, 2022