Emergency Preparedness

  • Practice drills are held throughout the school year. Children will practice the correct positions and procedures for maximum safety. In case of severe storm warnings at the end of the school day, dismissal may be delayed until it seems safe for the children to leave the building.

    Fire Procedures

    Signal: Uninterrupted sounding of alarm

    Exit building and report to the west side of the playground.  Staff will use alternate exit routes as necessary. Teachers will complete attendance sheet and report anyone who is missing.


    Tornado Procedures

    Signal:  Uninterrupted sounding of alarm/Directions over intercom

    Walk to designated safe area and assume “duck and tuck and cover head”position.  The designated safe areas include the stairwells, bathrooms, and rooms/hallways without windows.Teachers take attendance and report to the administrative team.


    Earthquake Procedures

    Signal:  Building/Ground Shaking


    • Indoors: Duck and tuck under table or desk.
    • Outdoors: Move to open area away from buildings and wires.

    When movement has stopped,the building leader will order evacuation of the school over the loud speaker.

    Student Emergencies

    It is important that we have up-to-date telephone numbers for each parent and the telephone numbers of two other people authorized to act for you, the parent, as well as the names and telephone numbers of your child’s doctor and dentist. If it becomes necessary to contact parents for an emergency situation such as an illness or injury this information is critical so that we may act in the best interest of your child.

    **Please update this information immediately whenever a change has been made. Children are strongly encouraged to memorize parents phone numbers for emerging purposes.

Last Modified on February 21, 2022