• School District of Clayton Children’s Illness Guidelines

    We are aware of how difficult it is to decide whether or not to attend a Family Center program because you or your child may be ill and/or contagious. However, for the protection of everyone at the Center we ask you to take a conservative approach in making this decision. In other words, if you are in doubt, wait another day or two before returning to the Center. For the ECE program, if a child becomes ill during class, the parent or caregiver will be called. For your child’s well being and the health of others, please pick up your child as quickly as possible. Your child along with a staff member will wait in a quiet area for your arrival. For parenting classes and Stay, Play and Learn, the staff will ask you to leave if they feel your child is not feeling well and/or may be infecting other children. Guidelines we use in making this decision are as follows:


    1)    FEVER: Students with 100 degree Fahrenheit or above should not attend school.  Students must be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication before they may return to school.

    2)    CONJUNCTIVITIS/PINKEYE: Students with red, watery eyes, with or without purulent drainage, must remain at home until 3 doses of antibiotic eye drops have been administered and eyes are clear of purulent discharge.

    3)    IMPETIGO: This condition is highly contagious and requires treatment. Unless under the care of a health care provider, the student may not attend school.

    4)    HEAD LICE: The school must be informed if your child has head lice. Any live lice or nits within ¼” of the scalp, must be treated. Treatment is required before returning to school. The student must be “checked in” by the school nurse before returning to class.

    5)    PINWORMS: This condition is easily transmitted and requires treatment before attending school.

    6)    VOMITING/DIARRHEA: If a student has vomited or had diarrhea during the night or just before school, he/she should not attend. Students should remain at home until symptom free and able to tolerate regular food.

    7)    SORE THROAT: A sore throat may require medical attention to determine if a strep infection is present and an antibiotic needed. If a throat culture is done, student should remain at home until results are known. If culture is positive, student may return to school after 24 hours of antibiotics, if no fever is present.

    8)    RASH: A student with a rash may be excluded until the cause of the rash has been determined. A physician’s note may be required for re-admission to school.

    9)    RINGWORM of SCALP AND SKIN: Student will be excluded from school until effective treatment is started. This may require a physician’s note.

    10)RUNNY NOSE: If drainage is profuse and not clear, student should remain at home until symptoms improve.

    11)COUGH: A cough following a cold is not necessarily contagious and may be prolonged. If the cough is croup or is productive with non-clear discharge, student should remain at home until symptoms improve.

    12)CHICKEN POX: Students are excluded until all lesions have been crusted and there are no new lesions, generally day 6 after onset of rash.


    If a child seems tired, listless and/or exhibits a change in behavior, he/she may be experiencing the early stages of an illness. 


    Please report any communicable disease such as strep throat, chickenpox, etc. to the office for the protection of the children attending. If you have any questions about your child’s attendance at school, contact the office at 854-6900.



    Sick Siblings

    Please do not bring sick siblings (either younger or older) into the building. We understand this can be difficult. If your child’s sibling is sick and you are arriving on the:


    Gay Ave. campus

    • Arrive at the top parking lot/front doors.


    • Call the main number at 854-6900.


    • A staff member will meet you at your car and bring your child to his/her early childhood classroom. We can do the same at the end of your child’s school day.


    CHS campus

    • Call the classroom by 8:30 a.m. A teacher will your child at the car and escort him/her to the classroom. We can do the same at the end of the morning or afternoon.


    On both campuses, parents may be able to support one another by carpooling or walking children together from the parking lot…please remember to hold hands.


    Thank you for helping to keep all children healthy!