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Mailbox Fosters Connections Between High School, Early Childhood Students

The students in the Family Center’s Blue and Orange classrooms are taking advantage of being part of a school community that is much larger than their own thanks to their location on the campus of Clayton High School. To connect with the students and staff at CHS, the Family Center students created a mailbox for the hallway outside of their classroom suite.

The students debuted their mailbox in early April, filling it with messages for the CHS students and staff to take. Then, the students waited for a passing period to introduce their mailbox idea to passersby. The idea took off, garnering exclamations from the CHS students and staff like, “This is so cool!” and “This was the best part of my day!” The CHS students and staff also took time to write messages back to the Family Center students.


The Family Center will continue the mailbox project at least through the end of the school year, fostering new connections between the high school and early childhood students.