• Travel Reimbursement

    For questions, please contact Nicole Goldkamp at ext.6026.
    Please complete a Travel Funds Request Form or a Travel Reimbursement Form (as appropriate) and submit for payment. 




    Obtain required approval through MyLearningPlan prior to making any travel arrangements.



    Do not make travel arrangements prior to approval through MyLearningPlan.


    Maintain ORIGINAL receipt or invoice.



    Do not submit a COPY of a receipt or invoice.

    Maintain DETAILED receipt listing items/food purchased, NOT ONLY credit card signature receipt.



    Do not submit a credit card signature receipt only of an expenditure.


    Submit receipts within 60 days of original purchase.



    Do not submit receipts greater than 60 days of original purchase.


    Receipt documents PROOF OF PAYMENT by staff (i.e. vendors invoice shows amount due as $0 or paid by XYZ credit card or include a copy of canceled check from bank).



    Do not submit receipts without proof of payment. 


    Securely adhere receipts to a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper with tape.



    Do not adhere tape over information on thermal receipts.

    Utilize District’s tax exempt status for conference travel within the state of Missouri.



    Do not charge items directly to a hotel room when traveling.  If necessary, obtain detailed receipts.


    Provide a business reason for the purchase.



    Refrain from combining personal purchases and District purchases on the same receipt, separate purchases at the register.


    List business reason for meal and who attended meeting. 



    Do not use a highlighter on receipts, if necessary, circle items with a pen.

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