• The School District of Clayton Health and Physical Education program includes all health and physical educators who collaborate to provide high-quality learning experiences for Clayton students. All learners will have opportunities to experience success and growth that will help them develop high levels of personal meaning, health and well-being, and an appropriate basis for developing a healthy lifestyle.

    Listed below are the Enduring Understandings of the P.E. curriculum.  These are statements that summarize important ideas and core processes that are central to a discipline and have lasting value beyond the classroom.
    Enduring Understandings
    A physically literate individual…
    • uses a variety of skills to participate in physical activities.
    • knows how to move and use strategies when they play games.
    • knows and practices the skills that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    • acts fairly, responsibly, and respectfully when they participate in activities.
    • knows why it is important to be physically active.
    (Adapted from SHAPE America’s student-friendly national standards for physical education)

    Individuals who are physically literate move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments (land, water, air, snow, and ice) that benefit the healthy development of the whole person. (PHE Canada)