• Virtual Education in the School District of Clayton

    Virtual Learning is an alternative educational option for students looking for something different than the District's traditional face-to-face, seated courses. Full and part-time virtual learning options are provided for students in accordance with Missouri law. The Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP)   through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provides more specific information on the different programs.

    The enrollment process for Clayton students varies depending on their learning choices, including program choice and number of courses.

    Full time enrollment in a MOCAP program for students without an IEP:

    • Students/families will talk with their counselor about their plans to enroll full time in a MOCAP provider.

    • Students/families wishing to enroll full time with a MOCAP provider, including the District's preferred provider Launch will contact the provider directly for enrollment information.

    NOTE: Students participating in full-time virtual learning through a MOCAP provider will be required to enroll in the virtual program's host district and will be unenrolled from the School District of Clayton. Please check the host district's graduation requirements prior to enrolling.


    Part-time enrollment and enrollment for students with an IEP:

    •Students/families should contact the counselor about their plans and the counselor will help with the appropriate process.

    The pages listed in the left hand column will help students and families through the access process if that is their desired path.