9th - 12th Grade
    Credit – 1 English credit (non-conferenced)
    Full Year
    Prerequisite: By application and consent of instructor (Available for NON-CONFERENCED ENGLISH CREDIT ONLY – NOT AVAILABLE FOR CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION CREDIT.)

    Newspaper Writing is the class for reporters for the Globe, the school newspaper, and meets Tuesday, 0-hour, plus 2 hours lab time to be met every other day during lunch periods. The course encourages a hands-on approach to a variety of topics including news, feature, sports, and editorial writing, as well as introducing students to journalism style, history, law, and ethics. Students will engage in classroom group activities and written responses in addition to quizzes and tests over various aspects of journalism. All students will write a minimum of nine articles intended for publication over the year in addition to other class writing. Enrollment in the class is by application only. Interested students will pick up an application from the instructor or from the English office in January.  Newspaper staff will be selected in time to complete the enrollment process in February.  Selection will be based on completion of the application, a writing sample, and teacher recommendation.  Students interested in being a newspaper photographer should sign up for Photojournalism for Publication, and those interested in being artists should see the instructor about signing up for the independent study options for that work. A workshop at the end of the summer is mandatory for all staff members.
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