• According to the International Reading Association, adolescent literacy is “understood as the ability to read, write, understand and interpret, and discuss  multiple texts across multiple contexts.”  The School District of Clayton supports our students’ journeys toward literacy through an integrated study of reading and writing, a passionate appreciation of the power of language, and a sensitive approach to the diverse world around us.

    Listed below are the Enduring Understandings of the Literacy curriculum.  These are statements that summarize important ideas and core processes that are central to a discipline and have lasting value beyond the classroom.
    Enduring Understandings
    • Enduring Understanding A: Systems. A literate person recognizes and uses the structures, conventions, and roles of language.
    • Enduring Understanding B: Inquiry. A literate person uses language as a tool for gathering information, constructing and disseminating knowledge.
    • Enduring Understanding C: Social Interaction. A literate person recognizes the social nature and power of language, using it to share meaning, build a sense of community, influence others and create connections with past, present, and future, expand perspective, and understand the unfamiliar.
    • Enduring Understanding D: Personal Growth. A literate person values language as a tool for reflection and exploration of personal and intellectual concerns.
    • Enduring Understanding E: Aesthetics. A literate person responds to the beauty of language, appreciates and explores its variety, and uses language to create and inspire.

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