• First-Grade Writing Learning Objectives
    Please notice that literacy learning objectives, listed in italics, are aligned to our larger report card indicators, typed in bold. Each learning objective is accompanied by sample “I statements” that students can use in considering their progress as readers and writers.

    Report Card Indicator: Understands and employs the various stages of the writing process, including pre-writing, drafting, revision, and editing. 
    Students write routinely over extended time frames and shorter time frames for a range of purposes, and audiences.
    • With guidance and support from adults, I can focus on a topic, respond to questions and suggestions from peers, and add details to strengthen writing as needed.
    • When I write opinion pieces, I name a topic, state an opinion, and supply a reason for the opinion. 
    • I write informative/explanatory texts in which I name a topic and provide some facts about it.
    • I can write narratives that develop real or imagined experiences or an event. 
    Report Card Indicator: Organizes writing so that the reader can follow easily.
    First-grade writers include a beginning, middle, and end.  They write part by part and write about different topics across three or more pages. 
    • I try to grab the reader’s attention at the beginning and I make sure to include an ending. 
    • I know how to include a table of contents.
    • I put my pages in order and used transitional words which may include “and,” “so,” “first,” “next,” “then,” and “last.”

    Report Card Indicator: Develops an idea or captures a story by incorporating supporting details.
    First-graders expand their writing by adding details in pictures and words. 
    • I include at least two or more reasons for my opinion.
    • I make sure to include facts. 

    Report Card Indicator: Incorporates the craft of writing.
    • Sometimes I use drawings and labels.
    • I can imitate the author’s craft of a mentor text. 

    Report Card Indicator: Understands and applies the conventions of writing: correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.
    First-graders edit for key essentials when polishing a piece.
    • I capitalize the names of people.
    • I know that a comma separates single words in a series.
    • When I write a simple sentence, I use a punctuation mark at the end.