9th - 12th Grade
    Credit - 1/2
    Semester 1 or 2    

    Prerequisite:    Digital Photo I, the equivalent, or recommendation of an instructor.

    In this course, photography is more fully explored as an art medium and in combination and comparison with other art media.  While the techniques of Digital Photo I are reviewed and reinforced, photographs become a means to an end, not just an end in themselves. More in-depth study of Adobe Photoshop will be explored. Images are enlarged, altered, recomposed, and printed on a variety of surfaces.  Design exercises will be an important part of developing a strong sense of composition. Students are encouraged to experiment and make individual choices about the techniques they will employ. Emphasis is on developing a visual awareness and understanding of past, present, and future trends in photography as a medium of self-expression. Students will be expected to participate in discussions and to complete written work pertaining to the production, aesthetics, and history of photography.  (This course does not qualify for NCAA eligibility.)
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    Ms. Vodicka