9th - 12th Grade
    Credit - 1/2
    Semester 1 or 2    

    Digital Photo I focuses on photography as an art medium. Image making will be the main emphasis of instruction, integrated with photo history, aesthetics and photo criticism. The skills of composition-building and creative problem solving are emphasized as students learn to use the elements and principles of design. The camera will be used as a tool to visually express ideas and improve skills of observation. Digital media will easily allow the reworking and editing of images. Class critiques and discussions will be an integral part of the process of learning about photography and evaluating work. Students will produce photographic prints and will learn ways to think and write about them. Presentation of final prints will be an important part of building a final portfolio. This portfolio will be discussed in the mid-term and final conferences.   (This course does not qualify for NCAA eligibility.)


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    Ms. Vodicka

    Ms. Hare