• Fourth-Grade Health Learning Objectives

    The mission of the third- through fifth-grade health curriculum is to provide learning experiences that are relevant to students’ current lives and build a foundation for future health decisions. It impacts the development of the whole child: physical, emotional, mental and social.Such a curriculum requires a partnership among professional educators,parents and members of the broader community. An effective comprehensive health curriculum equips students with information, resources and skills. Additionally, it helps them develop attitudes necessary to choose healthy lifestyles, to become discriminating consumers of health information and products, and to empower themselves for a lifetime of wellness and productivity.
    Personal Health and Safety (taught each year)
    Play Safe-Stay Safe II
    • Safety in the expanding world
    Healthy Living II
    • Importance of sleep
    • Communicable vs. non-communicable diseases
    Body Systems (taught biannually)
    All Systems Grow II
    • Digestive, circulatory and nervous systems
    • Skeletal, muscular and respiratory systems
    Nutrition (taught biannually)
    Let’s Eat Healthy II
    • Effect of food on the body
    • How food influences growth and development
    • Meal planning