• Third-Grade Counseling Learning Objectives

    Academic Development


    Grade 3

    Improvement of Academic Self-concept leading to Life-long learning

    Identify and practice study skills and test-taking strategies.

    Self-management for Life-long learning

    Recognize and practice basic time-management and organizational skills for assignments and /or task completion.


    Revise and practice strategies to meet increased school activities.


    Career Development



    Grade 3

    Integration of Self-knowledge into Life and Career Plans

    Identify and apply the steps to setting short-term and long-term, personal, and educational goals.

    Respect for All Work

    Recognize the contributions made by all workers to the school and community.

    Career Decision Making

    Explain what workers do and need to know in various careers.

    Education and Career Requirements

    Gather information regarding training and education for a variety of careers.

    Personal Skills for Job Success

    Compare personal, ethical, and work habit skills needed for school success with those of workers in the community.

    Job seeking Skills

    Identify and apply the steps to obtain helper jobs within the school.


    Personal and Social Development



    Grade 3


    Identify positive characteristics and areas for personal growth.

    Balancing Life Roles

    Reflect on personal roles at home and at school and identify responsibilities.

    Citizenship and contribution within a diverse community

    Identify the personal characteristics needed to contribute to the classroom.

    Quality relationships

    Identify the interpersonal skills necessary to build quality relationships.

    Respect for self and Others

    Recognize and respect the differences between personal culture and other cultures.

    Personal Responsibility in Relationships

    Apply the steps of solving problems and conflicts with others.

    Safe and Healthy Choices

    Apply effective problem-solving, decision-making, and refusal skills to make safe and healthy life choices at school.

    Personal Safety of Self and Others

    Identify issues that impact personal safety.

    Coping Skills

    Identify coping skills for managing life changes or events.