• Kindergarten Counseling Learning Objectives

    Academic Development


    Grade K

    Improvement of academic self-concept leading to lifelong learning

    Identify and follow classroom and school routines.

    Self-management for lifelong learning

    Identify work habits necessary for school success.


    Identify work habits necessary for school success.


    Career Development


    Grade K

    Integration of self-knowledge into life and career plans

    Identify likes and dislikes at home and school. 

    Respect for all work

    Recognize that all work is important.

    Career decision making

    Identify roles and responsibilities of family members in the world of work.

    Education and career requirements

    Identify the skills family members use in their work.

    Personal skills for job success

    Identify personal and ethical skills needed to work cooperatively with others in a group at school.

    Job seeking skills

    Identify helper jobs that are available in the classroom.


    Personal and Social Development


    Grade K


    Identify basic feelings

    Balancing life roles

    Identify personal roles in the family.

    Citizenship and contribution within a diverse community

    Identify character traits needed for different situations.

    Quality relationships

    Demonstrate how to be a friend.

    Respect for self and others

    Identify similarities and differences between self and others.

    Personal responsibility in relationships

    Identify feelings of others.

    Safe and healthy choices

    Identify safe and healthy choices at home and school.

    Personal safety of self and others

    Identify safe/unsafe situations.

    Coping skills

    Identify different life changes or events.