11th - 12th Grade
    Credit - 1
    Full Year
    The goal of AP United States History is to better understand and appreciate the American story and the student’s place within it. Through lecture, discussion, primary source analysis, and readings of a variety of nonfiction books (both scholarly and popular narratives) students will explore the complexity of American History as they play the role of amateur historians to affirm, modify, or contradict popular narratives of our past. Daily completion of homework and participation in daily activities and discussion is expected. A significant component of AP United States History, AP European History, and AP World History is learning how to think like an historian. Students in all three courses will learn how to describe and analyze diverse interpretations of the past, develop and support complex arguments, provide context for historical events, and make meaningful connections between different eras, regions, and areas of study. Students are encouraged to take the AP exam in May.

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