11th - 12th Grade
    Credit - 1
    Full Year

    The ultimate purpose of psychology is to help students try to understand why we behave and think the way we do. A textbook study of the explanations for human behavior is used to provide the basic knowledge; then a variety of activities involve the students in applying the theories to themselves and their lives. Such basic topics covered include, but are not limited to, how humans learn and remember, how psychologists study behavior, the brain's influence on behavior, levels of consciousness, sleep and dreams, motivation behind one's behavior, the influences of nature and nurture, the development of behavior from infancy to old age, attitudes and their formation, social perceptions and relationships, personality, intelligence and testing, and abnormal psychology and treatment. A significant amount of time and energy is spent in student exploration of themselves: their behavior, ethics and values, thought processes, and relationships. Several methods are used, including lecture, primary and secondary reading, out-of-class projects, group work, films, guest speakers, and heavy emphasis on class discussion. The course uses an AP-level text, and daily homework assignments and quizzes will make up a portion of the student’s grade. Much emphasis is also placed on students learning the research behind, and then putting into practice, the science of learning and metacognition. Students are encouraged to take the AP exam in May.
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