• HISTORY OF ST. LOUIS (Not offered 2020-2021)

    11th – 12th Grade
    Credit – 1/2
    Semester 1 or 2

    This course will provide an expansive overview of the history of St. Louis. Students will trace the course of development of this small 18th century French trading post as it develops into a major metropolis during the Gilded Age in American history. The end of the course will be an examination of the city as it now exists through successes and failures. The course will discuss individuals who were important to the development of the city, but will emphasize the significant contributions (e.g.: architecture, music, art) of the culturally diverse people who have made the city of St. Louis what it is today. The course will conclude with ideas of how conflict and cooperation have played key roles in the development of social, political, and economic systems and movements in contemporary and future issues that have and could further develop the city and surrounding communities.
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