9th Grade
    Credit – 1
    Full Year

    Prerequisite: By teacher recommendation only

    Topics in World/U.S. History I is a course whose adapted and modified curricula is designed to meet certain lower-ability levels present in typical CHS classrooms. Because the Social Studies Department believes that, in many cases, the best way to group students for instruction is heterogeneously, some students enrolled in World/U.S. History I will require adapted or modified curricula. These students will have individualized goals and will receive instruction and feedback based on their specific needs.

    Topics in World/U.S. History I may be used as a designation for students who require modifications in content, standards, and/or grading in the World/U.S. History I course. Texts and written assignments will follow the same thematic and skill content, but will be adjusted for developmental level. (This course does not qualify for NCAA eligibility.)