• Fourth-Grade Social Studies Learning Objectives

    Social studies is a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to the study of people, their physical environment, histories, leadership and cultures. The fourth grade program introduces students to the history, geography, economics and government structure of the state of Missouri.
    • Explain the interactions of early European explorers and Native Americans in Missouri.
    • Understand the cultural significance of the various Native Americans that once lived in Missouri.
    • Understand the cultural significance of the Europeans that settled in Missouri.
    • Sequence and describe the importance of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
    • Explain how Missourians have solved social and economic conflicts.
    • Understand how Missouri became a state and Missouri’s role in the Civil War.
    • Describe the changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation and communication.
    • Understand the importance of individuals from Missouri who have made contributions to our state and national heritage.
    • Read and interpret timelines.

    • Understand how geography affects the way people live in different regions of the United States.
    • Label and describe the six regions of the United States.
    • Understand how people in Missouri adapt to where they live.
    • Describe characteristics of each region in Missouri.
    • Label the cities of Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Columbia and St. Joseph on a map of Missouri.

    Map skills
    • Use the compass rose on a map.
    • Locate a place on a map using longitude and latitude.
    • Construct a map with a key (or legend).
    • Use an atlas independently.
    • Understand the differences between physical, political and specialty maps.

    • Explain how Missourians meet their needs.
    • Interpret past, explain present and predict future consequences of economic decisions.
    • Understand supply and demand.
    • Understand the difference between saving and investment.
    • Understand the purpose of taxes.

    • Identify and explain the function of the three branches of government in Missouri.
    • Understand the ways in which our state government provides for its citizens.
    • Understand the role of citizens in our democratic system.

    • Demonstrate understanding of what it was like to live in another time and place.
    • Demonstrate understanding of how art, photographs and artifacts help one to understand a culture.