11th - 12th Grade
    Credit - 1
    One Year
    Prerequisite: Project Lead the Way Principles of Biomedical Science, Honors Biology or departmental approval. 

    This one year course is an introductory course geared to upperclassmen preparing for study in health-related areas. Students will engage in the study of the processes, structures, and interactions of the human body systems. Important concepts in the course include: communication, transport of substances, locomotion, metabolic processes, defense, and protection. The central theme is how the body systems work together to maintain homeostasis and good health. The systems are studied as “parts of a whole,” working together to keep the amazing human machine functioning at an optimal level. Students design experiments, investigate the structures and functions of body systems, and use data acquisition software to monitor selected body functions. Students work through interesting real world cases and often play the role of biomedical professionals in solving medical mysteries.  This course will be taught concurrently with PLTW Human Body Systems.  Each semester, students will be expected to complete a selected mastery project, suitable for presentation.  Note:  This course does not have an extended lab period.
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