11th – 12th Grade
    Credit – 1
    Full Year

    Prerequisite: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry.  Students who take this class must be concurrently enrolled in, or have previously completed, AP Physics I, or by teacher recommendation

    AP Physics II is a rigorous treatment of fluid statics and dynamics, thermodynamics with kinetic theory, electrostatics, electric circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetism, geometric and physical optics, and topics in modern physics.  It is the equivalent of a typical second semester, algebra-based, college physics course.  Physical models in the areas listed above will be developed through laboratory investigation.  Students will submit lab reports for each laboratory investigation.  Students will be required to solve problems mathematically, with extensive use of proportional and symbolic reasoning.  The ability to translate between multiple representations of physical models will be emphasized.  The course is designed to provide excellent preparation for students considering the study of science, medicine, or engineering in college.  Students who successfully complete the course will be well-prepared for, and expected to take, the College Board Advanced Placement Physics II examination in May. 
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