The Power of Mindfulness

Currently, the counselors in the School District of Clayton are engaged in a comprehensive program review of their practices as counselors.  As part of this work, the counselors are dedicating professional development time to study the importance of mindfulness in helping students make positive choices while also exhibiting a healthy mindset that allows them to engage effectively in school. Research shows that having a positive and growth mindset allows students a better chance to excel academically, and to engage in positive relationships with one another.  Mindfulness also allows students to remain more emotionally balanced and healthy, something of great importance as modern day students face many emotional challenges including dealing with anxiety.
If you have concerns about the social-emotional well-being of your child, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school counselor. They can assist you with supporting your child during difficult times and have at their disposal a vast amount of outside resources that may be of value to you.  Our counselors are an invaluable resource to you and your children.