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Family Center and CHS Collaborate on New Treehouse Play Space

Thanks to a grant from the Clayton Education Foundation, the Family Center students on the Clayton High School campus have a new play space to enjoy. They celebrated the opening of their treehouse on Tuesday, May 14.


While the treehouse is newly opened for play, both Family Center and high school students collaboratively worked throughout the school year to design the play space. During the first semester, CHS students interviewed the early childhood students about their ideal treehouse. The Family Center teachers compiled the answers - images and words - into a book that each student received as a gift. This initiated conversations at home to think together about designs for the treehouse.


During second semester, parents were invited to the classrooms to learn about the project. CHS students answered questions, shared their designs and heard new ideas. Parents volunteered to help in a number of ways - blueprint designs, building, painting, gardening and providing food for the celebration.


For several weeks, members of the Facility Services Department worked to construct the treehouse while Family Center and CHS students created a mural as a backdrop. The elements came together to create a whimsical play space that students will enjoy throughout the remainder of this school year and for many years to come.