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BOE Approves 2020-2021 Calendar

The Board of Education approved  the 2020-2021 calendar at their meeting on Dec. 4. The calendar starts school later than usual in order to comply with a new state law requiring school districts to set a start date that is no more than 14 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September. Download the 2020-2021 calendar.


Background Information
In 2019, the Missouri legislature passed HB 604, which prohibits local school districts from setting an opening date for the school term that is more than 14 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September. There are no exceptions to this rule. Instructional time within an academic calendar is now only measured in hours as opposed to days and hours. A school district’s academic calendar must contain at least 1,044 hours of instructional time and an additional 36 hours of built-in make-up time in case of inclement weather.


Calendar Development Process - In addition to working with a calendar committee of parents and teachers, staff met with the Professional Relations Council, the District Leadership Council and the CHS Principal’s Advisory Council to get input to develop the calendar. Input from these groups that helped share the draft calendar included:

  • Maintain the practice of scheduling exams at CHS before Winter Break
  • Build a calendar that completes the school year before the second week in June
  • Explore ways to increase the number of five-day weeks within the school year

Instructional Time - The proposed draft exceeds state requirements for both instructional time and built-in make up time. This draft includes approximately 12 additional hours of instructional time at CHS, which brings instructional time back to where it was before the schedule was adjusted for the 2019-2020 school year. The proposed draft has 12 fewer hours of instructional time at both the elementary and middle school levels as compared to the current year. Both building administrators and curriculum leaders have reviewed the proposed calendar and feel confident that the District can meet curriculum and instruction goals within the time allotted. 


Professional Learning Time - In order to increase the number of full (five-day) weeks in the calendar, professional learning time was reallocated in the current draft calendar. The number of early release days for professional learning were reduced from nine to four and replaced with full days of professional learning.


Parent-Teacher Conferences - Parent-teacher conferences have been shifted one day later in their respective weeks and scheduled for Tuesday through Friday as opposed to Monday through Thursday.


Teacher Conference Compensation Days - In order to allow for the school year to end on Friday, June 4, the Teacher Conference Compensation Days have been shifted from the Fridays of parent-teacher conference weeks to November 25 (the Wednesday of Thanksgiving Break) and April 2 (what would have been the April Break Day). These days are compensation days for parent-teacher conferences and counted as two of the days in Clayton’s 192-day teacher contract. Taking days where teachers would not have been in school anyway (as opposed to a day that could be used for student instruction) and including them as part of their compensation (essentially paying teachers to be off school those days) allows the school year to end two days earlier than it would have had those days been scheduled on the Friday of parent-teacher conference weeks.