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Residential Tax Rate Decreases

The School District of Clayton’s Board of Education approved the 2017 tax rate at its Sept. 27 meeting. The residential rate will decrease from $3.8423 to $3.6494, while the commercial rate will fall from $4.3583 to $4.1682.

“Operating tax rates in Missouri are inversely related to assessed values. Rates are reduced when values increase through reassessment,” said Chief Financial Officer Mary Jo Gruber. “This process provides stable funding for tax-supported organizations and prevents both large tax increases for property owners and large revenue increases for taxing entities during periods of increasing property values.”

School districts in St. Louis County have to set tax rates for four different classes of property: residential real estate, commercial real estate, personal property and agricultural. However, a “blended” rate of all classes of property is used for reporting purposes. The District’s 2017-2018 blended rate of $3.8908 is $0.1735 lower than the 2016-2017 rate of $4.0643. 

The change in the blended rate is the result of a rollback of the tax rate due to an increase in assessed values and the recoupment of protested assessed valuations. A recoupment occurs when property owner(s) successfully, and retroactively, protest and are granted a reduction in assessed value. These settlements result in the District refunding previously collected taxes that were paid in protest. However, lower assessed values in preceding years means that the District would have been entitled to adjust its tax rate to compensate for the decrease in assessed value and recoup the lost revenue. The blended 2017 tax rate has been adjusted for the recoupment of State Tax Commission settled appeals dating back to 2007 that were settled during the 2016-2017 school year.

Use the online property tax calculator to estimate the school portion of your property taxes.