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Message from Principal Scott:

New volunteer expectations --  A priority for the School District of Clayton is student safety (both physical and emotional).  As part of an ongoing effort to protect and provide the safest environment for the students we serve, the District has begun requiring training and background checks on all volunteers who will be performing tasks that could put them in close and/or unsupervised contact with students. Our purpose is to help assure parents and the community that our students are safe while at school.

Volunteers who meet one or more of the following criteria must complete the required training and background check: 

•  the volunteer will have contact with students, such as working with        

    students in the classroom (this does not include supporting school 

    parties or attending school events when the teacher is supervising 


•  the volunteer has a regular and ongoing assignment at the school 

    such as working in the library, art room or assisting in the classroom 

•  the volunteer will be off campus with students - such as on field trips 

•  the volunteer is a mentor or tutor to a student(s) at the school

•  the volunteer works in the school office or library conducting 

    clerical work

•  the volunteer facilitates a before/after school enrichment club

If you are planning to volunteer within your child’s classroom or attend any field trips, you are required to review our volunteer expectations, complete the enrollment form, and submit the confidential background check form for Children’s Division Central Registry Child Abuse Search. A volunteer can request enrollment paperwork from any of our school offices or download it from the Human Resources Office website.  Once the forms are complete, return this paperwork to our office or to the District Administration Building (#2 Mark Twain Circle), where they will be kept in a secure location and shredded at the end of each year.  The background check process usually takes about 36 hours.  All volunteers who meet one or more of the criteria above need to complete the enrollment process. 

Thank you for taking these steps.  We value the time you offer as volunteers at Glenridge School.