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Urban Bird Watch Project

Hello Captain Community! Since we can't come together for Garden Day, how about doing a little bird watching on your own that contributes to scientific research?

First, pick at 50x50 foot green space. Observe that area for 10 minutes, three different times. Log the birds you see only in that area during those 10-minute periods of observation. Finish within a month, and send your data to the scientists (or to me if you prefer).

Take a look at this video about the project: Join Celebrate Urban Birds

You can register to get started here.


Captain Garden Day Organizer Johnelle Lamarque is registered as RMCaptain_Lamarque - she can enter data for up to 30 people. If you don't want to register and would rather send your information to her, that would be just fine. Otherwise, consider registering as your own RMCaptain and get started!

Let's celebrate Earth Day's 50th anniversary and contribute to understand birds in their habitats around us!