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Matching Gifts

What is a Matching Program?

Many companies allow their employees or retirees to direct their charitable giving programs through matching gifts. When an employee notifies the company that he/she has made a charitable donation to the Captain Elementary PTO, the company will make a gift of usually the same amount.  Any financial gifts to Captain PTO  are eligible to be matched.  

How Does it Work?

It is extremely easy to process.  Gift matching procedures can vary from company to company.  The following example is typical.

1.     An employee/retiree gets a matching gift form from the employer, usually from the human resource department or company website.

2.     After completing the form, the employee/retiree sends it along with the donation to the educational institution or nonprofit charity.

3.     The nonprofit certifies on the form that it has received the gift and meets the company’s guidelines for receiving a matching gift.

4.     The nonprofit returns the form to the company.

5.     The company verifies eligibility of the employees/retirees and the nonprofit recipient and sends the check to the nonprofit.