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Research Study: Talking to Your Children About Racial Differences

For parents of elementary students: in partnership with Washington University in St Louis, you and your child are invited to participate in a research study on how to talk with your children about racial differences.


The research project is aligned with our District's focus on racial equity. The researchers are interested in learning more about the types of strategies parents use in having these conversations and how they impact children's playmate preferences and decision-making. 


All District families with a child in grades K-5 are invited to complete the online surveys. The initial parent survey takes 30-45 minutes to complete. Later, interested families may have the option to participate in a focus group to talk more about messaging and strategies used when talking about important topics with your child(ren). One child per family will also get to complete some fun tasks online or via Zoom with a WASH-U researcher.


Compensation will be provided for each section of the research study. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lori Markson or Dr. Sheretta Barnes, professors in Psychological & Brains Sciences (Markson) and the Brown School of Social Work (Barnes) at WASH-U. They are excited about working with families in our District and appreciate the support.

  • You can take the survey on your cell phone or computer/tablet by clicking here.
  • The password to enter the survey is: RS082RM