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WMS Teacher Receives 2022 Emerson Excellence in Teaching

Wydown Middle School Gifted Specialist Frankie Synovec is Clayton’s 2022 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award recipient. Teachers are nominated by their peers with the winner being selected by a committee of Clayton’s past Emerson Award recipients.

Frankie is brilliant and kind. She inspires staff to focus a little more closely on student well-being and to take themselves less seriously in the classroom. She always brings her energy and knowledge of how to build community. She shows that we can be caring and also have high expectations of our students academically.  

In her nominations this is part of what her peers had to say about her:

“Frankie is a leader in the building, an innovator in the classroom, a fount of optimism in the hallway, and a master relationship builder with students. She is great with technology and is always seeking to find a way to make education more accessible and fun for ALL students. At the same time, she knows how to joyfully personalize a lesson to each student’s needs.” 

Seen by all as a great friend and helper, she is truly a transformative force in our District. Congratulations Frankie!