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Summer Construction: Admin Center Closed to Visitors

The Administrative Center will be under construction and closed to visitors for the majority of the summer. Work includes remodeling the front entrance to include a vestibule and welcome desk similar to what is being done at each of our schools. As a result of this, and other construction in the building, most departments will be temporarily relocating to other buildings for the summer. You can still call staff at their usual numbers/extensions. Here are the details on where you can find the following departments this summer:

  • Superintendent - Administrative Center conference rooms near HR
  • Equity and Inclusion - WMS Room 114
  • Communications - TV Studio/Journalism Suite at CHS (Rooms 44/45); Call us at x6038.
  • Student Services - CHS Commons Admin Conference Room
  • Teaching and Learning - WMS Room 125
  • Human Resources - Administrative Center (CHS Room 38 if needed on days of noisy construction)
  • Business Office - CHS Rooms 40 (Deanna Allen & Tisha Pruitt) and 42 (Brent Bell) 
    • Cheryl Redohl, Linda Benz, Mary Jo Gruber/John Brazeal will remain at the Administrative Center (CHS Room 40 if needed on days of noisy construction)

Technology - CHS Math Office/Classrooms. If visiting, enter via the CHS Welcome Desk for directions. Use standard methods to contact us.