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CHS Musicians Perform Exceptionally at MSHSAA

Various band, orchestra and choir groups from Clayton High School performed exceptionally at the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) district festivals at Parkway Central High School. View the results of the competition below:

The following students received an “Outstanding” rating:

Small Ensembles

  • Trombone Trio - Cecilia Dupor, Charlie Meyers, Jacob Bush
  • Mixed Brass Quartet - Noa Ben-Shahar, Allyson Ord, Charlie Meyers, Stella Plein
  • Mixed Brass Quintet - Alex Vidal, Gannon Niehaus, Albert Yang, Henry Shook, John Angelides
  • Saxophone Quartet - Jeremy Cohn, Bek Handzic-Smith, Reed Gunn, Jonah Feinstein
  • Clarinet Quintet - Jonah Feinstein, Emma Baum, Jessie Wang, Ellie Cohn, Bek Handzic-Smith
  • Saxophone Trio - Ella Welch, Khaydn Adams, Jonah Elias
  • Percussion Quartet - Shrey Vedantham, Ben Michelman, Leo Taghert, Beacan Mottl


  • Horn Solo - Allyson Ord
  • Trombone Solo - Cecilia Dupor 
  • Tuba Solo - Stella Plein
  • Piano Solo - Thomas Gustafson
  • Saxophone Solo - Ella Welch
  • Flute Solo - Rachel Chung
  • Flute Solo - Rohan Webb
  • Violin Solo - Katie Hurst


The following students received an “Exemplary I” rating and will advance to State Music Festival at Mizzou in Columbia on Friday, April 29:

Small Ensembles

  • Woodwind Trio - Rachel Chung, Samantha Anne McDonough, Sanjana Chanda
  • Horn Quartet - Stuart Whitmer, Albert Yang, Noa Ben-Shahar, Allyson Ord
  • Mixed Brass Sextet - Jack Blase, Martin Pillot, Stuart Whitmer, Jacob Bush, Kris Gruen, Remy Lindsay
  • Tuba Trio - John Angelides, Remy Lindsay, Stella Plein


  • Clarinet Solo - Jonah Feinstein
  • Clarinet Solo -  Bek Handzic-Smith
  • Saxophone Solo - Jeremy Cohn
  • Saxophone Solo - Reed Gunn
  • Timpani Solo - Enoch Lai
  • Marimba Solo - Taayan Khurana
  • Marimba Solo - Logan Huyette
  • Snare Drum Solo - Shrey Vedantham
  • Viola Solo - Casey Chu
  • Viola Solo - Yehia Said
  • Violin Solo - Victoria Fan
  • Violin Solo - Mohini Mahajan
  • Violin Solo - Hansini Mahajan
  • Vocal Solo - Holly Connor
  • Vocal Solo - Ariana Kroger 
  • Horn Solo - Stuart Whitmer
  • Trombone Solo - Thomas Gustafson

The following groups received an "Outstanding" ranking:

  • CHS Woodwind Choir
  • CHS Chamber Choir

The following groups received an "Exemplary" ranking: 

  • CHS Percussion Orchestra
  • CHS Brass Choir
  • CHS Concert Band
  • CHS Symphonic Band
  • CHS Symphonic Orchestra

Special thanks also to Jennifer Shenberger, Band Director/Brass Specialist, and Daniel Henderson, Orchestra Director.