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Professional Learning Update

While students enjoy the start of a four-day weekend on Friday, teachers will be spending the day focused on the concept of Empowered Learning and Goal #2 of our strategic plan, which states ”we will commit to the educational growth of our learners through an equitable, personalized and individualized learning experience.” When teachers returned at the end of summer, they worked with George Couros (author of "The Innovator's Mindset" and "Innovate Inside the Box") who shared thoughts around how to empower our learners within the teaching and learning environment. 


Clayton teachers will be building on this idea during their work on Sept. 3 working in large and small groups as they look to answer questions like: What is the most important learning for you to improve your practice with your students? Or What is something that you haven’t previously considered in your practice but have been curious about? Staff will end their day working in their Professional Learning Community (PLC) groups processing their learning and setting strategies for applying what they have learned in their classrooms. All with the ultimate goal of determining “What is best for this learner?” as they work to make the #claytonexperience everything it can be for each of our students.


What is best for this learner?