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CHS Students Represent the District at DECA Competition

CHS students had an amazing day at the District 8 DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) competition on Feb. 4. Sixty-seven students represented Clayton in this competition at South County Mall. Of those students, 32 received some type of recognition and 26 qualified for the State Career Development Conference in Kansas City from March 22-24.
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
We are very proud of our students and encourage you to congratulate all of them for a job well done on Feb. 4. The results from the competition are below:
Koray Akduman: 2nd place, Principles of Marketing
Sarah Centeno and Abby Mann: 1st place, Buying and Merchandising Operations Research
Richard Cheng and Erik Tomasson: 1st place, Financial Services Team
Josefina Christopher and Avery Kleinhenz: 2nd place, Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product
Vincent Clemente and Nick Pompiam: 2nd place, Hospitality and Tourism Team
Cece Cohen: 1st place, Leadership Delegate AND 2nd place, Hospitality Professional Selling
Owen Gelzer: 2nd place, Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
Jack Hansell: 2nd place, Principles of Finance
Charlie Hill and Jimmy Malone: 1st place, Sports and Entertainment Team
Grace Homann: 1st place, Entrepreneurship Series
Adam Jaffe and Regan Wade: 1st place, Business Solutions Project
Danika Li: 1st place, Food Marketing Series
Eli Millner and Matt Schroeder: 1st place, Sports and Entertainment Operations Research
Max Muhm: 3rd place, Sports and Entertainment Series
Ruth Pierson and Angela Xiao: 1st place, Integrated Marketing Campaign - Service
Danny Puricelli: 2nd place, Business Finance Series
Elia Rios and Maddie Warren: 1st place, Business Services Operations Research
Myles Rosenblum and Sam Wilson: Start-up Business Plan
Krish Sardesai: 2nd place, Innovation Plan
Ingrid Stahl: 3rd place, Hotel and Lodging Management Series
Emily Tai and Annie Xiao: Buying and Merchandising Team
Nick Walsh: 2nd place, Principles of Business Management and Administration