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Meramec Students Pay Special Tribute to Their Counselor

“Mr. Henderson is the best counselor in the universe.”


This sentence sums up the sentiments of Meramec Elementary students in the tribute the students paid to their counselor, Anthony Henderson, on Thursday, Feb. 7, in honor of National School Counseling Week. With help from Reading Specialist Lisa Hehner, the students have been working on the literacy skill of understanding character traits. To practice this skill, the students wrote to Henderson about his outstanding character traits.


Fourth-grader Jada Skinner wrote, “Mr. Henderson is polite because he says please and thank you. And Mr. Henderson listens to the people he is talking to.” Fellow fourth-grader Sebastian Bolden added, “Mr. Henderson is responsible because he does not just wait in his office all day. He goes to the people in their class and helps them and makes all of our days better.”


The students then reiterated these sentiments by reading aloud what they wrote, which Hehner recorded on video so she could share the students’ work with their parents and with Henderson.


On Feb. 7, five of Hehner’s students made a surprise visit to Henderson’s office to present him with their portfolio of character traits and a special “Mr. Henderson Rocks” banner. Listed on the back of the banner were all of Henderson’s character traits identified by the students.


“The students were very excited to honor you by writing about your character traits,” Hehner told Henderson. “We sincerely hope you feel the love, joy and appreciation that each student expressed for you!”