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CHS Students Compete Virtually in ACES Finals

CHS students Zach Hadjri, George Mitrev, Rami Helmy, Kevin Kotzbauer, Stasia Kroeger, Katie He, Noor Jerath, Julia Bautz, Charlie McDonough, Koray Akduman, Max Keller, Junyi Su and Grace Homann competed virtually in the Academic Challenge in Engineering and Science (ACES). These students were among the top 24 qualifying ACES teams from Illinois and Missouri in the 700-1500 school size division.


Up to 336 students had the opportunity to perform on tests in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, english, math and physics.  Chemistry, english and math scores are required in the team score along with the next two highest point subjects. The team with the highest two scores (summed) in a subject area receive 100 points and all other teams get a score as a percentage of the highest score in that subject area.


The students from CHS did extremely well, taking second place honors. Participants with the top five scores in each subject also received individual honors/medals. CHS had the following scholars that earned top five scores:

2nd Highest Score = Junyi Su
5th Highest Score = Grace Homann
Chemistry: (CHS had the top 6 individual scorers)
1st Highest Score = Stasia Kroeger
2nd Highest Scores (tied) = Junyi Su, Koray Akduman, Rami Helmy
3rd Highest Scores (tied) = Charlie McDonough, Julia Bautz
5th Highest Score = Grace Homann
2nd Highest Score = Noor Jerath
3rd Highest Score = Zach Hadjri
CHS teachers David Schuster and Nathan Peck are proud sponsors for this academic challenge. For the second year in a row, CHS was the number one public school in both Illinois and Missouri - coming very close to edging out Fenwick, a blue ribbon selective college prep school in Oak Park, Chicago that was once rated the number 1 high school in Illinois by U.S. News & World Report.