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Glenridge Students Earn Awards at Greater St. Louis Science Fair

Congratulations to these Glenridge students who participated in this year's Science Fair. The nine projects listed below advanced to represent Glenridge Elementary at the Greater St. Louis Science Fair in Queeny Park. The results are in…


2nd Grade Red Ribbon Recipients:

Bai Bua Manyanont - "Factors Associated with the Number of Squirrels on the Way to School"


3rd Grade Blue Ribbon Recipients:

Annalise Yorg - "Macaron Madness

Orod Alipour Hamidian and Max Shuang - "The Genetics of Taste"


3rd Grade Red Ribbon Recipients:

Khalifa Jdia-Berhnardt - "Does Dust Dissolve in Water?"

Click here to watch him share his work.


4th Grade Blue Ribbon Recipients:

Yuntian Hao and Max Tang - "Are Squirrels Scared of Bells?"

Click here to watch Max share their work


4th Grade Red Ribbon Recipients:

Sia Girivaru and Elise Waheed - "Great Zzz’s"

Click here to watch Elise share their work


5th Grade Blue Ribbon Recipients:

Ben Cutler - "What Metals Are Most Resistant to Chemical Attacks?"

Click here to watch Ben share his work.


Samanyu Tumuluru - "Powering a Fuel Cell Car with Household Liquids"

Click here to watch Samanya share his work.


Lachlan Woodcock - "Lift Off with Slime"