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District Rolls Back Residential Operating Rate As Promised

The School District of Clayton’s Board of Education approved the 2019 tax rate at its Sept. 25 meeting. The residential rate will increase from $3.6921 to $4.1553, while the commercial rate increased from $4.0670 to $4.9562.


The residential operating rate increased by 46.32 cents. This is less than the 64-cent (56 cent operating levy and eight-cent waiver of Proposition C sales tax revenues) increase approved with the passage of Proposition E in April 2019. As a result of the increase in assessed valuation from reassessment, the 2019 residential operating rate includes a 15-cent voluntary roll back, as promised during the Proposition E campaign, in order to only collect the additional revenue that was projected in the original request for an operating levy increase.














*This table illustrates the proposed increase in property taxes based on a home’s appraised value, which is the approximate market value of a home. Assessed value for residential property is calculated at 19 percent of appraised value. The table does not account for an increase in assessed value but just demonstrates the original increase against the voluntary roll back of residential property taxes.


A "voluntary rollback" is a term used to describe the action taken by a taxing body such as a school district to not levy or charge the fully approved and taxpayer authorized tax rate. 

Use the online property tax calculator to estimate the school portion of your property taxes.